Messe Düsseldorf creates new growth structure in Asia


Messe Düsseldorf creates new growth structure in Asia


“Messe Düsseldorf for Asia” bundles Asia business under one roof


Messe Düsseldorf is uniting its five Asian subsidiaries in one centrally coordinated network: In the future, the new regional hub “Messe Düsseldorf for Asia” (MDfA) will handle the company’s Asia business out of Singapore. This efficient structure is designed to promote even more growth in Asia and leverage feedback effects for the world-leading trade shows in Düsseldorf. Customers will benefit from offerings in Asia that are tailored to regional needs, central points of contact and even stronger business platforms – both in Asia and Düsseldorf.


Singapore, April 10, 2024. Messe Düsseldorf has the best prerequisites for benefiting from the rapid development of Asian markets – serving the interest of its customers, shareholders and the trade fair hub Düsseldorf/North Rhine-Westphalia. Operating subsidiaries in India, Singapore, China and Japan, it not only has an extensive presence in Asia, it’s also represented in four of the world’s ten largest economies: China, India, Japan and ASEAN/Southeast Asia. In addition, Asia is characterized by high growth rates. Until 2026, India will lead global economic growth with annual increases of six to seven percent, followed by ASEAN and China. As a result, these markets will assume an ever greater weight in the global economy.


To benefit from this potential as much as possible, Messe Düsseldorf has now created a joint umbrella for its five Asian subsidiaries: Messe Düsseldorf Asia (Singapore), Messe Düsseldorf China (Hong Kong), Messe Düsseldorf India (New Delhi), Messe Düsseldorf Japan (Tokyo) and Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai (Shanghai) now form the new regional hub “Messe Düsseldorf for Asia.” Regional Head Marius Berlemann (who also serves as Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf in China), Deputy Regional Head Gernot Ringling (who also serves as Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Asia) and their team will centrally coordinate sales and attendee marketing for Messe Düsseldorf in Asia – both for the local trade shows and for the world-leading trade shows in Düsseldorf. The upshot will be a coordinated and guided approach to marketing efforts and to creating the programs and content focus areas of the Asian trade shows.


Consistent Action

Wolfram N. Diener, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, sees this as a necessary step: “The world is changing; economic balances of power are shifting – and this also affects the exhibition business. All forecasts show that the future of the global economy lies in Asia. And we’ll make sure that Messe Düsseldorf, its customers, its shareholders, the Düsseldorf economic region and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will emerge as winners from this development. The regional hub enhances our global 'pole position' by facilitating more successful trade shows in Asia and by attracting additional exhibitors and attendees to the world-leading trade shows in Düsseldorf.”

Regional Head Marius Berlemann points to the benefits for his customers: “We are the single-source provider offering companies who want to grow in Asia strong platforms across all relevant Asian markets. Be it China, India, Southeast Asia or Japan, they’ll consistently experience Messe Düsseldorf’s service excellence wherever they go.”


Gradual Approach

The process will start with the eight medical technology and rehabilitation trade shows in Asia. From now on, the new medical technology/rehabilitation competence center will manage these centrally out of Singapore, driving their growth and extending the portfolio to include new events. Deputy Regional Head Gernot Ringling stresses the immense potential in this sector: “The demographic changes that can be felt everywhere, the growing importance of inclusion and rising living standards all go hand in hand with a desire for improved medical care. All of this leads to a high demand for medical device and rehabilitation solutions – and for trade shows covering these segments.”


Added Value for All

Wolfram N. Diener views “Messe Düsseldorf for Asia” as an essential investment in the future: “We cover our trade show themes in all relevant growth markets. This way, our customers can rest assured that they’re always on the right track with Messe Düsseldorf. With strong regional trade fairs in Asia, we create flagships for the business and Asia hub of Düsseldorf. And we’re attracting new Asian customers to our world-leading trade shows in Düsseldorf, ensuring that these will continue to serve as central meeting points for the global market leaders in their respective industries well into the future.”


Positive impact on subsidiaries in China

With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong, China represents Messe Düsseldorf’s largest subsidiary in terms of workforce. By streamlining the decision-making processes and enhancing synergies within the MDfA structure, the team can respond more swiftly to market demands and customer needs. This agility allows the company to capitalize on emerging opportunities and strengthen the competitive edge in the Chinese market.

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