MDS Associate Program

Start Your Future Career at MDS with a Tailor Made 24 Month Training Scheme!

The MDS Associate Program (AP) is a tailor-made 24-month scheme bringing you a unique
opportunity to unveil your potential and realize your career aspirations in the trade show
industry. During the program, the Associates will be rotated to different business units and
corporate functions to prepare them for later positions in trade show business on a fast

Job Summary:
At our Associate Program, you will work with more than 8 projects / departments in order
to facilitate your learning experiences and gain a full operation picture to strengthen your
There will be intensive opportunities for you to understand the company. Through in-depth
discussions with more than 8 department heads and various on-site experiences, you will
be expected to understand the general operations of different business units. Towards the
end, you will be given the opportunity to share your learning and insights with the senior
A trainee is basically being assessed at all times as the program progresses, meaning main-
taining a professional attitude and showing excellent listening skills are two of the most
important attributes the trainee needs to demonstrate. In addition, good communication
skills, confidence, problem-solving and an ability to develop and maintain relationships
among colleagues and supervisors are essential.
The Associate should be responsible for working alongside each project director / depart-
ment head and accepting delegated responsibilities and duties with the goal of eventually
becoming a formal employee after the 24 months training program.

Coach-Mentor-Buddy Scheme:
Buddies are all the team members of each department. They can share their past experi-
ence and provide you with solid support and advice favorable to your overall development

Mentors from senior management will help you make significant transitions in knowledge,
skills and attitude by using their profession, expertise and vision. They will provide close
guidance and help you understand your development from a holistic and practical perspec-
Coaches are knowledgeable experts from senior management. They will offer you insights
on understanding your long-term career development, so that personal development and
career accomplishments are made possible.

Primary responsibilities:
· Work with each department heads to plan and direct the work of the organization
· Receive training instruction in subjects related to their rotational experience
· Work in different departments to gain perspective, including marketing, sales,
customerservices, project, technical, finance and HR departments
· Handle established accounts to gain familiarity
· Attend periodic evaluations
· Achieve a passing score in all areas of the management training program in order to
continue in the program
· Follow the work requirements of each department

Skills / Qualifications:
· College degree or above
· Fresh graduates or with preferably some internship experience in project management,
exhibition industry etc.
· Responsible, dynamic & committed, flexible & creative, cooperation ability & team
spirit, communication skills, readiness to learn and strong customer orientation
· Proficiency in Microsoft office skills, especially PowerPoint, Word and Excel
· Have a strong command of both spoken and written English / Chinese
· Able to work under pressure and multi-tasked
· Good listening and communication skills
· Customer service orientation
· Accuracy and attention to detail
· Time management and problem solving

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